Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Squirrel

Last night, when the cable guy was here and I was working on my CPE, I heard a crash in our living room.  I went to investigate and then didn't see anything, so I went back to work.  Then I heard a scratching and thud noise coming from the living room.  Back in I went and you know what?  We have an animal in our chimney. 

First step, freak out.  Second step, call Dave at Kira's soccer camp.  Third step, freak out again. 

Dave said "maybe it's a bird", I said "I hear feet", Dave came home and agreed - feet.  So, I called the critter control people today and had to take a half day off work to wait for them to get here today. Sure enough, squirrel in the fireplace. 

You know what?  It's still there.  They set traps and left.  Great. Just great.  I pay them hundreds of dollars to trap the animal and they leave WITHOUT the stinking animal!  Then, when I asked where they release the animals, the guy hemmed and hawed and then admitted that they euthanize them. 

WHAT????????  I was in tears.  I asked, so what happens if after we get him in the trap and we place him outside if one of his "squirrel" friends releases the prisoner.  He said if he didn't know, then that was ok.  The guy must have felt horrible because after he left, he came back and said he'd release the squirrel for us in the backyard.  That's of course, after we catch it.  Kira's voting for euthanizing it.  Dave's the deciding vote.  I hope he does the right thing.

Sometimes life goes weird on you and right now we're in a weird patch.

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