Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Tonight is third grade orientation at Kira's school.  Kira says she's going to stay home with her dad to meet with the siding guy instead of coming with me.  Yeah, we double booked tonight (oops).  How this will all end is while I'm walking out the door, she'll scream "WAIT MOM, I WANNA COME WITH YOU!"  Then, I'll have to wait until she finds her shoes and THEN she'll have to go to the bathroom.  Then, there will be an attempt at bringing snacks, then a stuffed animal will be brought into my car.  I am on to you my darling.  I.AM.ON.TO.YOU.

 I have discovered that my knees are going bad.  I wore heels yesterday and have been paying for it all day, so I decided to wear flats.  Also, when I wear this shirt the next time, I need to wear a tank under it because it was a bit shear.  Hope everyone enjoyed the show today!

My skirt had tiny polka dots all over it.  Love it!


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