Monday, August 27, 2012

My Kindle Died - Really Really Died

 My Kindle Touch died this weekend with no hope of recovery.  I was very upset by this because it was a birthday present from Dave last November, so it isn't really old enough to bite the dust, but it did.  I spent 40 minutes online with the support folks yesterday and they couldn't figure out why it wasn't working.  So, they wonderful people at Amazon are replacing my Kindle...FOR FREE!  I was shocked!  All I had to do was ship the broken one back to them via UPS and they even paid for that!  They now have a customer for life and I can't wait for my replacement to arrive because I use my Kindle all the time.  Thankfully, my older version still works because I was in the middle of a book when it decided to die. 

 I wore capris today because Kira had an outdoor soccer game after work and I didn't have time to change before the game. These are more of a denim colored trouser capri than actual denim. However, I sometimes get odd looks at work because if you just look quickly, they look like denim.  I'm not sure I'll wear this combination again.  Everything was just a tad too big on me (I know..whine...whine..whine).

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

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