Friday, June 1, 2012

Don't Touch My Hair

 I was in the vending area this morning at work getting water to make lemonade.  Some lady, who works in another department on our floor, exclaimed to me "OH! You.Cut.Your.Hair!!"  Well, yes, months ago I cut it, so I'm not sure why the surprise.  Then she goes on to criticize my current haircut telling me "your hair was so pretty and thick when it was long".  Then she stops herself and says "Oh, it looks pretty now, too, I just liked it longer."  Yeah, right, not even a nice attempt at the save. So my retort was "My hair dresser told me my old style made me look too old and wanted to modernize it."  The lady was quite a bit older than me and has very long, thick, reddish hair.  She responds "I wonder what she'd say about mine?"  And I'm thinking, well, she'd suggest you hack it off and get some bangs, but I was raised a little nicer than that, so I keep my mouth shut.

 I can overlook this little discussion, she is entitled to her opinion, but then as I was walking out of the vending area, she actually TOUCHED my hair - almost stroked it.  OMG, no way did she just do that.  Now, I'm miffed and stomp back to my department and complained to some of my co-workers who also thought the encounter was bizarre and tried to figure out exactly who this person was and where she works on our floor.

I dress for me, I style my hair for my husband.  So long as my husband likes my hair, life is good.  He likes my hair right now and that's all that matters!  In your face creepy, weird, hair fetish woman!

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