Thursday, June 21, 2012

Radio Silence Ends!

Hi, we're back from vacationing in sunny Los Angeles.  The weather was beautiful, but a bit chilly compaired to Ohio (low 70's versus in the 90s).  On our last day there, we hunted down the Hollywood sign along with about a thousand other tourists!
This was at the end of our first day after traveling all day and playing at the Santa Monica Pier after arriving.  The jean jacket and t-shirt are from Loft, the pants are from the Gap.  My necklace is from Tiffanys.
I'm in love with my neon khakis from the Gap.  I had to buy these twice because I lost weight after the first purchase and decided I liked them so much, I bought them in a smaller size.

 After I finished packing, I noticed I have a ridiculous number of striped t-shirts, oh well!
My companion decided to road test the shower in street clothes during this shot.  Sweater is from Talbots, shirt is from Banana Republic, and denim is from the Limited.
This was Kira's first look at the ocean and her first time playing in real sand.  She didn't really care for it!
We went to California Adventures and Disneyland.  My brother loves Disney, so I kept sending him photos of our day to make him jealous.  Yeah, sibling rivalry really doesn't stop when you're an adult!
My sweater is J Crew, t-shirt and jeans from Loft, shoes are from Sperry, purse is Vera Bradley.  The purse was an absolute delight to travel with.  I wind up being the family alpaca on vacations, and this purse fit a lot of things and was comfortable to carry around all day.  Disneyland is in the background.
 My lovely hubby.  It was 90 degrees at Disneyland and by this point, we were a bit fried.
 Kira at the aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  Miss Fashionista's outfit is entirely from Justice.
We took a whale watching cruise on Monday.  Dave got really sea sick and Kira fell asleep from the rocking of the boat.   We didn't even see any whales!
Traffic in LA is a nightmare and while we were stuck in the snarl, I was emailing a co-worker at work to tell her about our vacation.  This was the "in case you miss me" shot!
 Cheesing on the red carpet at Universal. 
Kira and her new "minion".  She fell asleep on the way back from Universal Studios.  She tried to talk me into buying her a minion twice this size, but I convinced her it wouldn't fit in the suitcase and her dad would kill me.
Now we're home and back to reality.  An oil change, trip to Target and Jenny Craig, cleaning and laundry.  Oh well.
 Shirt is Gap, jeans are from Loft, belt is from Target, and necklace is from Etsy.
I've got a couple more days of relaxation before it's back to the fast pace world of Accounting.  I'm going to enjoy each day because work will be here before I know it!  It's off to read a book!

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