Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spot the Goldfish Is Missing

 I'm having a "day" today.  First of all, my husband has been cleaning out our room addition and he threw away my camera charger.  Now, I have to go purchase another camera because the charger is half as expensive as the charger and they are out of stock at Sony, so I couldn't even get one until we're back from vacation.  Grrr.

Next, I went to go feed the fish today and and Spot the goldfish is missing and presumed dead.  Literally missing.  I can't find his body anywhere in the tank.  Dave looked, we took the lid off to see if he somehow jumped up, got stuck on the inside and died, and nothing.  Dave researched if goldfish eat other goldfish and with the size they are, that isn't a possibility.  So this afternoon, I have to go dump the filter and see if somehow he's trapped in there.  It is really really weird.

I'm hoping my day perks up because it's not been the best start to a Saturday.

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