Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday...To Me!!!!

Today is my birthday and I'm not one of those people who run from their birthdays.  I embrace it.  It means I made it another year and I'm grateful to be alive, grateful for my family and the life we lead, and grateful for all my friends.

Kira made me the card above and gave it to me last night, with a Happy Day Before Your Birthday song, and gave me some gift cards to Banana Republic and Ann Taylor and then they took me shopping.  I'm a bit blue today because we're celebrating Thanksgiving with Dave's family today and won't be doing anything for my birthday and Kira knows I love to shop, so she coordinated the whole thing.

 I'm still the most interesting game in the hall.  Above is my new sweater I bought last night.

 Flamingos make everything better!

Silly faces.


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