Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is Flightful a Word?

 My daughter was talking about penguins tonight and she got into a battle with my husband over whether or not penguins are considered birds.  Dave said they were, Kira said they weren't because because penguins can't fly and he said "no, penguins aren't flightful birds".

I stopped what I was doing, stared at Dave and said "Flightful?"  Seriously, is that that a word?  Guess I will be googling that one.

Well, the results are in and Kira didn't win class mayor.  She lost  by one vote.  Coincidentally, the boys outnumber the girls by 1 and she was running against a boy.  Oh well, we had fun, she tried really hard and the important thing is she got involved.

 The picutre here is my cufflinks.  They are faucett tops.  I have had these things forever and I adore them!!!

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