Monday, November 12, 2012

Lifesaver Variety Pack, Part 2

Technically, this skirt was with the late summer line from Talbots, but I think it looks a little fall like too.  I own the shirt that matches this skirt, and it all reminds me of a pack of lifesavers.  I love it, though!  I forgot I owned it until this weekend and thought, why not?

Currently, we have a homework battle going on in our house.  Kira has a ridiculous amount of work to get done tonight.  I'm not opposed to homework, but two hours a night for an 8 year old is way too much and by this point in the evening, she starts to feel tired and it goes downhill.  It would be one thing if we didn't work, but we do and it's a strain on the whole family.  Dave is much more patient than I am, so he's handling it right now.


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