Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Only the Best

My daughter loves to drink from our crystal wine glasses.  When she's served her drinks in them (orange juice and fizzy orange drink...she is eight), she gets excited and exclaims "Ohhh, fancy!" Tonight, she drank orange juice in them with a straw.  It struck me as extremely funny that my daughter is trying to be so very grown up, but the straw just shows she's still a little kid! 

I probably shouldn't allow this...the glasss were a wedding gift, but we should get some use out of the things and she really enjoys it.
 It's no stress week at work this week (it isn't working) and today's event was a casual day.  That's why I'm wearing jeans in the middle of the week.  We get free chair massages tomorrow and I think there's snacks involved at some point this week!
 No glasses....I can't see you!!  I also wiped off the lipstick right after snapping the shots.  It interferes with the taste of my morning Diet Coke.

Off to work! 

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