Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Trot

Today, the family trucked it down to downtown Miamisburg for the 34th annual Turkey Trot.  Dave ran in the 5k and Kira and I did the 1 mile fun walk.  There were 8,500 people at this event this morning and downtown Miamisburg isn't that big of a place, so there were people everywhere.  People dressed like pilgrims, people dressed like turkeys and people in turkey hats (where do you even buy a turkey hat?)  It was amusing because if you ran/walked in the 5k, you got the Mayor starting the race with a starter gun, music blaring and encouragement from a DJ.  If you walked in the 1 mile, you got some guy standing at the end of the street who half heartedly waved us on with a "go" and there really wasn't a finish line.  Dave ran buy us on our walk and screamed "hey" to us as he ran by.  Kira and I cheered Dave across the finish line.  Kira and I enjoyed telling Dave how our "race" was started.  Kira does a perfect wave and a lackluster "go" impression.

My hair looks frightful today because it was down right cold at the race and I wore earmuffs.  Brrrr.  I'm still having trouble warming up and it's actually going to be 64 degrees today.  Gotta love Ohio weather! 

Happy Thanksgiving!
Turkey Smiles!

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