Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Dog

 Our dog is a fifteen year old border collie named Misha. She's a great dog, but as she ages, she's going insane.  First, she's addicted to milkbones.  No kidding, she has a serious problem.  She will let me sleep until six on the weekends, but I better get up because she's going to start scratching and throwing herself at our bedroom door to get to the milkbones.  And since she doesn't have opposable thumbs, her humans have to get up to satisfy her craving.  My husband said "just ignore her" until she did it to him a couple of weekends ago and she wouldn't let up.  Now he sees my point.

Sorry again about the craft room pictures.  My husband is traveling for work and I'm taking Kira to daycare in the mornings.  I don't feel comfortable taking the photos at work because there will actually be people there when I arrive later this morning.  I feel like a dork doing this in front of others.

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