Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Morning is Not Starting Out Well

 I don't like days that start out like this.  I twisted wrong in the bathroom and my back let me know it didn't appreciate the way I moved, then I decided that heels were perhaps not the most appropriate footwear for the day in honor of the back, and made a last minute decision to change what I was wearing to work today.  As I was getting ready, my allergies started acting up and just one eye is watering and it won't stop.  Now, my eye makeup is toast.  I go to find my denim jacket and it has decided to take a hiatus, so I pull a new cute jacket out of the dry cleaning bag and they did a lousy job ironing it.  I do have time to iron it this morning, but based on how my day's going so far, I'd probably burn the house down.  So, I decided to wear the jacket I wore on Sunday because at least it's ironed.  Oh well, maybe it will be a spectacular day at work.

I do realize that these things are minor annoyances and in the bigger scheme, I'm alive and everyone's healthy and I'm very thankful for that.  I really do wish my eye would stop watering, though.

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