Friday, May 25, 2012

My Closet is Clean....For Now

I just spent the last day and a half cleaning out my closet.   Yes, it took that long and I hauled out at least 6 large bags of clothes to donate and I still don't have enough space. I'm not sure how I fit it all in there, but when I took it all out, it didn't all go back in because it didn't fit the second time around.  I guess it's because I'm actually trying to get to what I own.  I also bought about a 100 plastic shoe boxes and while not all my shoes are in the little boxes (some are in 2 space bags underneath the jacket side of my closet), I'm happy with how the organization of them has turned out.

I organize my closet in sections, by type and by color.  The top left is the blouse section. The bottom left houses all the jackets and the top right is my cotton oxfords, skirts, pants and dresses rack.  The accountant in me creeps into my daily life and it can be scary.

I told Dave I'm going to try to adopt a one in one out policy to try to avoid having this happen again.  We'll see how long that lasts.  Oh, and not a single, solitary thing in this closet is my husband's.  This is all mine!

Have a great holiday weekend! I'm off to read a book!

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