Sunday, May 20, 2012

Not Playing Well In the Same Sandbox Today

We are all a bit irritable today.  Especially my cranky eight year old.  You would not believe the issues I had getting her to take just one picture for my blog today.  The comments "if you didn't have a blog,  you wouldn't need a picture, and I wouldn't have to take it, so stop doing your blog", "quit watching me", and several other comments along those lines.  I think my husband is ready to kill me because I am replacing the shoe boxes in my closet with plastic see through boxes and I'm pitching all the paper boxes.  I dumped them all into a trash bag and he went back through the bag and is breaking down the boxes.  I hate breaking down boxes because they usually put up a fight, so I don't do it. I figure since I'm putting out the trash this week, who cares how I threw them away?   In a couple of minutes, we're all headed off to church.  Maybe that will cause us to play better together this afternoon.  I doubt it, but hope springs eternal!

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