Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 I wasn't feeling well when I got home last night, so I neglected to post.  I also went to bed before Kira, forgot to feed the goldfish (sorry guys!) and slept like a rock all night.  I felt poopy this morning and then after lunch, I snapped out of it and now I feel fine.  I guess it was some sort of quick bug.
Anyway, here's two days worth of pictures for your viewing pleasure.  The picture above was what I wore to work yesterday.  It was still warm outside, so I went with a very casual look.  The jacket and top are from Loft and the pants are from Talbots.

This is what I wore to work today.  It's a little more dressy and the dress is from Banana Republic and is very old.  It fits now (hurray!) so I decided to bust it out this morning.  The cardigan is from Talbots and was worn for survival purposes because they turned the air on at work and it is freezing!!

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