Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rachel Ate My Cake

I received an interoffice envelope today and when I opened the envelope, I burst out laughing.  Inside was a fork, a napkin and a piece of cake smashed into a ziploc bag.  I laughed my head off.  Our Corporate Accounting Department in Nebraska had an anniversary party for one of our associates and they had cake.  I popped off a comment to one of my staff who works in that office and said that they should share the cake with the Cincinnati Accounting department since we weren't able to come to the party.  So, that's what she did!  We staged a photo in our office this afternoon with one of my other staff pretending to eat the cake, took a picture of it on my iPhone and then emailed it to the folks in Nebraska.  Thanks to Rachel for eating my cake!  I'm feeling the love at work today!

I think overall it was a silly kind of day today.  Here's Kira in her school uniform at Walgreens tonight wearing a donut dog bed on her head. I'm not sure how we survived without camera phones!  And yes, this will be shown to her boyfriends at some point in the future!

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