Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flip Flops Should NOT Be Worn With Dress Pants

Leaving work today, I passed a lady coming in from lunch and she was wearing a nice blouse, black dress pants and skeezy looking beach flip flops.  No baubles, no heel, just black plain beach flip flops.  I understand comfort and I'm ok with sandals with slacks (sort of), but beach flip flops are completely inappropriate work attire.  How do you look in the mirror with that ensemble and think, "yeah, this looks acceptable"?   I'm perfectly ok with expressing individuality, but there is a uniform to work attire that needs to be followed and beach flip flops don't fit into that mold if you work in the type of industry I work in.  Ok, off my soap box.
I fell off a step stool last night and injured the tendon in my big toe, which resulted in me leaving work early (thus the flip flop encounter) to have it xrayed.  The toe isn't broken, just mamed, but boy does it hurt.  My podiatrist gave me an awesome numbing gel to put on it to help with the heeling process.  He also instructed me to wear thick soled shoes for the next couple of weeks.  Hmmm, nooo.  Pretty hurts.

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