Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm Gonna Play With My New Friends Zoe and Kira

That's what Dave and I heard while we were watching Kira play with her friend Zoe on the playground this afternoon.  Our city had their annual Christmas celebration this afteroon at the Civic Center and we ran into one of Kira's daycare friends at the party.  They started playing together and some other little kid they met on the play equipment screamed "I'm gonna play with my new friends Zoe and Kira" to his mom.  It was really cute. 

I also got to see the little boy who Kira says has a crush on her today while waiting for Kira's indoor soccer game to start.  The Leibold boys were in a basketball tournament at the same facility Kira plays indoor soccer at and many of Kira's classmates were playing in the game.  Kira doesn't reciprocate his "feelings", but he is cute for an eight year old.  Interesting thing, he did notice Kira on the sidelines and kept looking over at her.  Maybe there is something there??? Ahhhh young love.

 Horse drawn carriage rides. 

 Kira on the carriage ride.  It's 60 out and she wore her soccer shorts.
 Go horses go!
Kira on the playground.

Happy Saturday!

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