Monday, December 17, 2012


We were gifted with five free casual days of our choice in the month of December.  Friday's are always casual, so I purposely planned my days so that I could finish out the remainder of the work year in denim, so you'll see me in jeans all week. 

I didn't come up with my outfit idea on my own.  I saw a similar outfit someplace (don't remember where) and it stuck in my head as something I'd like to try since I'm swimming in polka dot related apparel.  I'm pleased with how it turned out, but honestly, my sweater doesn't look this vibrant in person.  It's pretty, but not quite as in your face as the pictures would lead you to believe.  However, I think its color is called "shocking pink", so maybe it's just me hoping I wasn't lit up like a Christmas tree today!  Also, my jacket has little tiny polka dots all over it, but it's hard to see in the pictures.

Kira has been very clingy for about a week.  It has nothing to do with the tragic events of last Friday, she was clingy before that point. She slept with me last night and when I was doing my hair, she came in my bathroom, her arm smeared with blood and blood all over her face.  She acknowledges me, heads for the tissues, and says nonchalantly "nose bleed".  Got it.  With a little time and a little saline spray, we got it under control, got her cleaned up and tucked her back in bed.  Her nosebleeds used to freak me out, but they happen so frequently, I've just gotten used to them.  She's pretty good with them too, thankfully!

Countdown to Christmas break - 4 more work days.


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