Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve

I've been in a bit of a fashion funk since last week.  I think it's all activity leading up Christmas, being sick and then being off work.  I lack structure and I need that.  I'm also going to attempt to give up unnecessary shopping for the next few months to see if I can do it and while it's necessary, that has me a little blue too.   I've literally run out of space in my closet and I need to start wearing what's in there before bringing more into the collection, thus leading up to the self imposed shopping ban.

Today's outfit is something colorful since it's dismal outside and lots of layers because we're going over to my brother's for New Year's Eve tonight and his house is always cold. The sweater is really really really old.  I've always liked it and it's made it through several closet purges because I just can't seem to bring myself to give it away.  I decided that if I didn't wear it soon, there's really no point in keeping it.  After looking at today's photos, I'm glad I kept it.  


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