Monday, December 10, 2012


 A scary thing happened when I was leaving work tonight.  Keep in mind, I work in the middle of suburbia.  A man was hanging around outside the door and I just thought he was waiting to pick someone up.  I said hello and smiled and the man asked if he could ask me a question.  I thought "sure".  He then proceeded to ask if the company bought home notes and got a little too close to my personal space.  He actually scared me enough I took a step back and he realized he was scaring me, but he didn't stop.  I was literally 8 feet from the indoor guard shack and did they see any of what was happening??? Nope.  I finally firmly told the person I had to leave and hurried to my car.  When I left, security was finally talking to him.  More often than not, I don't get the heebie jeebie feelings from people, but for some reason, this man scared me.


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