Saturday, December 29, 2012


Dave gave me a fancy, new camera for Birthmas specifically to upgrade my blog photos from the iPhone camera.  Birthmas is when you want a big gift for Christmas, but it's more than what you'd ordinarily spend, so you combine birthday gifts and Christmas gifts to get a nicer Christmas gift.  Thus, the evolution of Birthmas.

I've been playing with the camera all week, but haven't felt well enough to do too much with it.  Yesterday, I went to the camera store and the nice people showed me how to set the timer since the instruction book doesn't have a lot of information in it.   The camera folks weren't surprised by that fact either, which has me a bit worried since I have no idea what I'm doing.  Dave got the thing connected to the tripod last night and I ran around setting the timer, running in front of the camera and taking stupid photos for fun.  Just for laughs, I've included a few of my practice shots in this post.

The camera is a "smart" camera, which means it has a built in Wi-Fi connection, which Dave specifically got me so I could upload pictures straight to my Skydrive.  However, the camera is way smarter than me and I can't figure out how to get it to connect to the server.  I could look in the instruction book, but that will prove pointless.  So, my auto uploads will have to wait until the hubby has time to see what I'm doing wrong.  I'm at least proud of myself that I got the things to upload to the computer.  Baby steps......

 Kira's not this tall.  She's standing on a step stool.

These are my practice shots.  It is super hard to run past the tripod without knocking it over and pose before the timer goes off. I'm surprised I didn't break a limb last night.

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