Thursday, February 7, 2013

Black and Blue

I like to read fashion magazines in the bathtub.  It doesn't work out well for the magazine because inevitably, it either gets dropped in the tub, or water drizzled all over the pictures.  Regardless, it's what I enjoy doing.  So, the other night, I was reading Marie Claire and they had a feature with Tim Gunn and he was discussing if it was ok to wear navy and black together.  He says "yes".  Last night, when I was pulling together today's outfit, I found the shirt/pant combo was missing something and I had this jacket hanging on the bathroom door.  It has black trim, the shirt is navy striped.  I remembered the article and thought, what the heck.  When I was getting ready this morning, I noticed the pants were black, not blue.  They were blue last night and the fairies switched them (that's my story, not that I wasn't wearing my glasses and I can't see!)  I threw my mismatched colors on and walked out of the house.  I was amazed at how well this outfit turned out and I never would have considered doing this before taking more risks since starting this blog.


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