Monday, February 4, 2013

Copy Cat

While taking these pictures this morning, I realized that I have worn almost exactly this same combination recently.  Skirt, blouse and sweater are all different, but conceptually it's the same idea. I saw this look in a Banana Republic add and really liked it.  I then tried to piece it together from stuff I already owned since the now failed ban on internet shopping went into place.  When I walked into Banana a couple of weeks ago, they were having a 30% off sale and the skirt and blouse came home with me.  I like the skirt, but it's maybe just a tad too big and it poofs in weird places.  Not horrible, but it does have a pronounced poof.  The online reviews warned me of the poofing, but I didn't listen.  The color khaki tends to wash me out since I have a death warmed over complexion, but the orange offset takes away from the khaki, so I think I can get away with it. If I wear khaki by itself, I get confused for a vampire and noone wants that!

Here's the original look.  Almost dead on.

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