Sunday, February 24, 2013


 I am planning an epic slumber party for Kira's ninth birthday in a couple of weeks.  It is sooo very out of control right now.  I'm allergic to latex, so we can't decorate with balloons, so I've been ramping up the paper decorations like you wouldn't believe.  Yesterday, I literally made around 12 large paper flowers to hang on the wall, four large paper flowers are going to be attached to dowel rods, placed into styrofoam and then put into flower pots to decorate the foyer and I've got streamers, banners, hanging lanterns, I had a sign made, and more.  Then, we're having a candy bar.  Soooo, I purchased a bunch of clear containers and a ton of candy to put in them.  I made a dum dum sucker flower with about 160 dum dum suckers.  The girls are going to decorate pillowcases, decorate aprons, and then they are having a cupcake decorating party.  We're also having a scavenger hunt/challenge and several other games that I've got planned.  It's been exhausting and I'm nowhere close to being done with all the preparations.  Thankfully, the invitations went in the mail today.  I added a picture of them at the end of this post.   I hand made them because I am insane.

This is all my fault.  I offered up the idea without thinking and Kira jumped on it.  Bad mom. Bad bad mom.


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