Thursday, January 31, 2013

Space Bags

Last Spring, I went a little crazy when I was switching around my winter and spring clothes and bought a bunch of those space bag things to throw my heavier winter sweaters in.  Then, over the summer, I went a little crazy and bought a bunch of capris that took up the space where the winter sweaters lived.  Then came winter, and I had a little problem.   I didn't have enough space for the heavier sweaters.  Purge, you say???? Nu uh.  I have a space bag that permanently lives on the floor underneath my blazers in the closet.  Well the problem with that plan was I forgot that I put sweaters in there until I was hunting for a pair of shoes and ran into it.  Oh my, it was like Christmas!  This argyle sweater was in there as was its mint green twin.  It's like going on a big shopping trip, but it didn't cost me anything extra!  In case you are wondering, I have two space bags full of shoes that live under the blazers in my closet too.  No spare inch of space is unused in there.


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