Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sticking Your Legs In Doesn't Count as Swimming

We are making Kira resume swimming lessons to work on her upper body strength.  She's a really good swimmer and is in the top swim level at our club, but she doesn't like to get her hair wet.  I appreciate that, however, swimming is an excellent way to build upper body strength and she needs more upper body strength for the parallel bars.  So, an executive mom order was declared and she resumes swimming lessons next week.   I am not the most popular person in the house right now. 

She's going to the gym all day on Monday because she has a day off from school and there's a holiday camp.  Her dad is making her swim as a condition for us to pay for her to go to the camp.  She's currently negotiating the swimming and her argument is, "At the last overnight, I stuck my legs in the pool, so technically, I have been in the pool recently."  No matter how you slice it, sticking your legs in the pool doesn't count as swimming.  Sorry kiddo....your hair is getting wet.  I'll be there to make sure she swims, too, and I have had to climb in the pool fully dressed before to deal with her in the pool.  Yes, I will dunk her if need be.  Tough love.


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