Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daughter of Mine - Don't You Roll Your Eyes At Me

Kira is in a particular pain in the bottom mode tonight.  She's stomping around the house, huffing and being generally not nice.  I gave her homework corrections and as she walked away, she rolled her eyes at me.  Not very subtly either.  I've lost track of how many parentisms I've had to use since becoming a parent, but out from my mouth comes "Don't you roll your eyes at me!"  The retort..."I didn't!" (insert another huff and eye roll here).  Her dad has since taken over homework for the night.
On a lighter note, I loved my outfit today.  I'm a big fan of scarf prints and I'm so glad they are coming back.  Bouncing through Macy's, I happened upon this blouse, but Dave was with me, so I didn't buy it.  When I got home, I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I ordered it online and I'm really glad I did.  

Smiles and no eye rolls!

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