Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Principal's Office

On the way home from work/school today, Kira announced that she got called down to the Principal's Office today.  I exclaimed "What did you do???"  And Kira proceeded to tell me that she didn't do anything, the Principal wanted to personally thank her for a job well done volunteering at school this past Sunday.  I asked if she was scared, and she said "YES! I was about to pee my pants!"

It's 64 degrees in southwestern Ohio today, which is nice, but kind of wrong for January.  I busted out some new capris that I purchased from Banana Republic with a birthday gift card.  I don't own many patterned pants, and this one is subtle with a little fleur de lis all over it.  I gotta tell you, they weren't the most comfortable pants to wear all day.  The fabric was stiff and the waist band was constricting, even though the pants fit fine.  It'll be a while before I wear them again because it's supposed to get cold again on Thursday.  Back to winter!

Off to work!


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