Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Weekend

We have had a busy weekend. Kira had a gymnsatics meet all morning yesterday and then a soccer game in the afternoon.  Today, we're catching up on her homework and taking down the Christmas decorations.  Boring, but necessary.

 This was my sports mom outfit.  Sweater- J Crew, Shirt - Lands End Canvas, Jeans - Gap, Necklace - HSN
 Here's Kira waiting to vault.
 Fly baby fly!

 Kira placed second on floor.
 Here's today's outfit.  Kira said she didn't like the jeans.  I said, "with this outfit" and she says "not on my body".  Ouch.

Sweater - Banana Republic, Jeans - Loft, Shoes - Pinching Fiends from J Crew


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