Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winterizing Mint Green

I know it is January, I know it is cold, I know we are supposed to wear darker, more subdued color palettes in the winter, but darn it, I love color, I love pastels, and I adore mint green.  Color is my friend and suits my personality because I tend to be a little bit on the perky side.  How I dealt with my conflict today was to layer pastels over each other.    In my defense, the jacket is pure wool and is quite warm. The sweater and the shirt can be worn all year round.  I need to come up with some non-boot, winter footwear that looks good with socks because the ballet flats without socks are quite cold outside. 

We spent the afternoon together as a family and went to Scene 75 in Dayton, which is a huge indoor entertainment center.  We played 9 holes of mini-golf, went on some spinning bumper cars, Dave and Kira bounced on the bouncy slides, went mini bowling, and played lots of games.  I also rode the go-karts and was involved in a bit of a go-kart crash, that I didn't cause, but my car had no brakes and the crash took up the entire race lane, so I became involved in the crash.  Noone was hurt in the three car pile up.  The entertainment facility has a bunch more stuff to do and it's a lot of fun to go there, but we had to leave to go grocery shopping.  Responsibility gets in the way sometimes!


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