Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kira's Favorite Mom

Kira helped with my blog title.  Could you tell??

I love this jacket from J Crew.  I saw it online and really really really wanted it, but I refused to pay full price because full price was just insane.  So, I stalked it. Finally, around Christmas, J Crew had a 30% off if you spent a certain amount sale and I made my move.  Not even 7 days later, the jacket went on sale.  GRRRRR.  I calculated out how much I'd save to rebuy and send it back, and decided the savings weren't worth the effort.  But I was irritated and continued to stalk the website.  THEN, the jacket went on sale for an additional 30% off.  I took action.  I rebought the jacket and then when it came in the mail, I sent back the original jacket (which I had yet to wear).  I saved $50 from my original purchase price, so that was definitely worth the effort. 

This is my attempt at pensive.  I think I failed because I look like I'm being told something I don't want to hear. 


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