Monday, January 28, 2013


My skirt reminds me of the color of dandelions.  In person, it's a little more greenish yellow than sulpher yellow, but close to a dandelion just the same.  At the last minute this morning, I opted for lower heels so I wouldn't suffer all day tomorrow.  The outfit was a bit warm because temperatures rose to in the 50's today and this outfit is more suited for the 20's or 30's because the skirt is boucle wool and the blazer is wool. I also love the look of the blouse, but the positioning of the wrist buttons actually hurt to type or use the mouse today.  Believe it or not, how they knotted the button thread lead to it stabbing my wrist.  All day, I daydreamed of getting out the sisscors and hacking off the buttons.  The only thing that stopped me is I dislike sewing and I'd would have had to sew the things back on.


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